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It can feel uncomfortable

Without lubrication, you get a lot of itchiness throughout the day. Dryness makes intercourse difficult and then it causes itching. It’s just very uncomfortable.

Physically, it makes you feel a bit inadequate; I suppose. Uncomfortable. Like you can't do a lot of things, you've got to prepare in advance. There's no lubricant there, there's no sensation as such. I think on a day-to-day basis, because a lot of women do have a lot of lubricants going on during the day, you don't have any of that, so you get a lot of rubbing, a lot of itchiness, and it's just very, very uncomfortable. It can be very difficult when you can't get very intimate with somebody as often as you like, if you haven't got things to help you do it.

Having a treatment for it and being openly available would be brilliant. It would mean that you could go back to a normal happy life, a normal sexual life, a normal working life, a normal day-to-day life, and I think it would, it would just spirit up a bit more as well.

Camille, smiling and talking to camera

It can be difficult when you can’t get very intimate with somebody.

Find out what vaginal atrophy is and how Gina can help


Find out what vaginal atrophy is and how Gina can help

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