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Is sex worth the soreness?

Vaginal dryness makes wanting and having a sexual relationship a bit off. I am usually so sore afterwards. It makes you wonder if it’s worth it. We do have a loving relationship even after 46 years. However, sex is diminishing on both sides. It’s a case of the elephant in the room.

 I associate vaginal dryness with being sore and burning after having a relationship; kills all spontaneity because you know there's going to be soreness, you know there's going to be burning and discomfort. I knew from jokes on the telly and various innuendos over the years that older people didn't have sex anyway, so it didn't matter. But it does matter, it really does matter. Like anything that goes wrong in the body, I think there's a lot of silence and maybe if we're more direct about problems people will smile a bit more and think, do you know what? I'm not the only one going through this. You don't have to be 65 and have no sex life. You know, life can be beautiful.

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There’s a lot of silence about vaginal dryness. Maybe we should be more direct about it.

Find out what vaginal atrophy is and how Gina can help


Find out what vaginal atrophy is and how Gina can help

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