Is Gina
suitable for me?

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for each of the questions below.

You will be able to receive your answers via email to print or show on your phone to help your conversation with your pharmacist who will be able to determine if Gina is suitable for you.


Already taking hormonal therapy?

If you are already using local oestrogen (vaginal tablets, gels or rings), you can use Gina if you have used vaginal oestrogen for more than 3 months, your symptoms are adequately controlled, and your health status is unchanged since your last prescription. 


If you are taking Systemic HRT (oral tablets or patches), you may need to see your doctor before using Gina. You can use Gina if you have previously been prescribed local oestrogen and your health status hasn't changed since your last prescription- or if your GP has confirmed Gina is right for you.

How old are you?

When was your last period?

Do you have any of the following?
  • Any unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Any history or suspect you have breast, uterine, ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer or hyperplasia, or any other hormone sensitive cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Previously been treated with oestrogen only HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)
  • Previously been treated with combined progestogen and oestrogen HRT and not using a prescribed vaginal oestrogen treatment
  • Have been using a prescribed vaginal oestrogen treatment for less than 3 months or my symptoms are not controlled
  • Any change in the look or feel of the vulval area, itchy patches or a rash, severe vaginal itching or a condition called vulval dermatoses
  • An untreated vaginal infection
  • A thrombosis (blood clot) or any of the symptoms e.g. severe pain in the leg or lungs
  • Recently had a blood clot in the arteries such as a heart attack, stroke or angina
  • A blood clotting disorder
  • History of jaundice (yellowing of the skin), liver disease or liver cancer
  • Porphyria

Do you have any allergies?

Are you taking any medication?